Acoustic spray ceilings by Acosorb Ireland

The use of sufficient acoustic absorbing materials prevents reverberation. Acosorb Ireland's acoustic solutions provide unlimited freedom of design combined with good speech intelligibility, high concentration levels, privacy and thus a high level of comfort. Acoustic spraying and plastering can be used practically anywhere, for example in new and old buildings and horizontal and vertical surfaces consisting of profiled roof panels, concrete and plasterboard. Acosorb Ireland's acoustic products are made for ceilings and walls. An acoustic spray ceiling is available in a rich palette of colours and textures, from smooth to coarse-grained.

Acosorb Ireland provide sound-absorbing spray solutions for absolute improvement of the acoustics in any room. Available in various structures and colours.

Acosorb's smooth plaster-like absorbent layer protects any room from reverberation. Benefit from the highest acoustic performance.

The Acosorb Greenline combines acoustics and durability. Consumer Recycled Content is the key. Our products are Cradle to Cradle certified.

Acosorb Ireland likes to work with visual artists to stimulate inspiration for innovation. This is reflected in acoustic art, fantastic photography and film material, among other things.


Acosorb Ireland provides any type of substrate with an acoustic spray ceiling. From swimming pools to classrooms, trade fair buildings, offices, general areas in both apartment and industrial buildings. Each room turns into a fine living or working space with an Acosorb acoustic ceiling.

Durable Absorption

At Acosorb Ireland our products consist mainly of recycled natural cellulose fibres. All Acosorb products contain a variety of additives that optimise their lifespan and fire safety. We are Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified. Our focus is on developing products that can be safely broken down. Acosorb Ireland supplies durable and seamless acoustic ceilings for every room, thereby promoting the healthy privacy of other people.

More durable Acosorb

Reduce reverberation with an acoustic spray ceiling

The absorptive properties of our acoustic spray ceiling prevent energy from leaking into other parts of the building. This quickly results in energy savings of 5 to 10 percent.

Acosorb Ireland are happy to show you our products. This gives you a better idea of the possible finishes for your wall or ceiling. Contact us for our free sample boxes.

With an Acosorb acoustic spray ceiling, you not only improve the acoustics, but also the overall climate of the room. Our acoustic spray is suitable for any waterproof surface.

Acoustic spraying

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Acosorb Asia Hong Kong Movie II

Movie with several references across Hong Kong. High rise architecture combined with excellent architecture. With thanks to Palmax Asia Pacific, Architectural Service Department and all other enthousiasts in HK.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Acosorb movie regarding the LocHal project.

Old industrial building turned around in a state of the art multifunctional centre in the beautiful city of Tilburg. Applied is Acospray DC2 on a corrugated metal deck.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Grid Led Acoustic Spray Combi

Cool interior design with adaptable led, reflected by Acospray DC3 ultra white ceiling. Result is acoustic comfort, multi purpose space, touching all the senses on the highest level. For more info e-mail

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Burgerweeshuis Acosorb Akoestiek

Een uniek ontwerp van Aldo van Eyck met een unieke akoestische oplossing. Het aangebrachte akoestisch spuitwerk volgt de koepelvormige onderconstructie naadloos. Dit wordt mogelijk gemaakt door een unieke roltechniek, speciaal voor dit project ontwikkeld. Het product Acosorb Greenline Hong Kong Grey Cradle2Cradle gecertificeerd. In goede samenwerking met Zadelhoff, BAM Bouw en Techniek en architect Wessel de Jonge.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Acosorb X Fransje Gimbrere

Corporation between Acosorb and artist Fransje Gimbrere. Super nice 3d sculptures with acoustical properties.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Acosorb Instruction Movie

How do we do it. This instruction movie shows all the parts of our application. Please also visit our website that shows multiple examples of our client solutions. For more information please send an e-mail to

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Vlog Lucas Mol van De Groene Afslag

Top vlog van Lucas Mol die een toelichting geeft over de Groene Afslag als inspiratiehub.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Acosorb movie de Groene afslag

Circulaire vormgeving met akoestisch comfort. Voormalig marineterrein langs de A1 omgebouwd tot letterlijk de Groene afslag In verschillende vergaderzalen en het horecagedeelte zijn onze Greenline producten toegepast.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Vlog Sheryl Leysner - Acosorb project Pharos

Leuke vlog over project Pharos te Hoofddorp top gedaan door Sheryl Leysner. Toegepast is onze Acospray DC3 in een specifiek voor dit project samengestelde kleur.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

Acosorb Asia Hong Kong Movie I

Exploring the market in Asia we made a short movie of our incredible adventure to start business in Hong Kong. This movie shows our first projects, expecting many more to come. We love Hong Kong for its spirit for business and to bring good acoustics in many lives of their citizens.

Youtube, 6 Maanden geleden

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